Why Us

M.M SHAH & M.V SHAH ACADEMY offers a balanced yet rigorous learning environment where student learn multiple vital skills across all subjects. It is a diverse, inclusive, safe and welcoming place for all students. Our vibrant environment encourages student to be themselves, which helps everyone respect the uniqueness of others.

At this level, we are more interested in the foundation elements of a strong academic program and a positive learning experience, our teachers offer consistent social support, a sense of community, are flexible in addressing student interests- giving individualized attention that is truly beneficial and constructive. 

Through our programs, we make a school to be a place where students with all different interests can come and feel part of a larger community, feel at home and where students themselves can help create the school environment. 

Our teachers go above and beyond. They are mentors, coaches and leaders- some of the best in their fields of study. We have continually posted good results in the KCPE examinations and ensured that students have built their bright futures.

Why us?

  • Student’s interest is well taken care of,
  • Our teachers are committed, enthusiastic, supportive and deeply invested in every student’s progress and potential
  • Lessons are tailored to suit individual learning styles
  • Classrooms enrich and encourage class participation, interaction, collaboration and cooperation
  • Our teachers are highly qualified, many with 10+ years of teaching experience.

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Got A Question?

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