This is a time in which to instill a love of learning that children will carry with them throughout their lives. Our small class sizes permit our teachers to tailor their lessons to suit individuals’ abilities and learning styles.

The positive and supportive environment throughout our school and the personal attention each learner receives, form the basis of our school’s difference and are cornerstones of our on going success.

To the learners, the programmes and activities set out are well-tailored to ensure the successful development of the four skills of language development. This are the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

The facilities and resources are adequate enough for proper learning. The use of audio-visual materials installed in the classrooms, including the computer systems and the overhead projectors, facilitate the correct understanding of vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling and general literacy of language items. Furthermore, the cleverly-designed and well-equipped school library is a haven for good reading and practice of varied writing styles.

The department prides itself in being a conducive channel through which all the other departments thrive. Suffice to say, someone just needs to visit the school to understand how effectively instrumental the department is.

We study people and the environment in which they live. It also extends to how people behave, relate to one another in the society and how they relate to the physical and social environment.

Promotes patriotism and national unity.
Promotes respect for Kenya’s rich and varied culture.
Enhances social responsibility.
Moulds and develops citizens with desirable behavior who understand and appreciate other people.

Simple concepts are introduced in Grade 1 and they become increasingly complex as learners mature to the next level all the way to Standard 8 . This approach is said to be spiral.

The department boasts of qualified and competent teachers making it one of the best performed subjects in the institution.Besides using various child-centred methods of teaching, they do incorporate educational trips to create useful learning experiences.We are also involved in the planning and facilitation of such trips in the school.The school also has a wide variety of reference books and other teaching/learning materials e.g. wall maps, globes etc.

Learners are constantly urged to be in touch with emerging issues such that they are well equipped to cope with challenges facing the nation.Themes such as integrity, citizenship, respect for human rights, gender sensitivity, and environmental conservation are highly emphasized.

We keep motivating our pupils and making the learning of social studies as enjoyable as possible not only for academic excellence but also to equip them with the necessary skills that enables them to fit in the society as a whole.

Today the importance of ICT in schools cannot be overstated especially in reference to the 21 century educational needs. Learners are bombarded with new devices, trends and lifestyles that require advance preparedness and exposure in order to navigate in the fast-growing technological maze. The use of ICT in instruction and practicing learner centered instructional approaches have shown improved learning outcomes in institutions where ICT integration is practiced.

Having realized that ICT is not a choice but a necessity, our school has put measures and standards in place to address the above issue. Among other steps the school’s readiness as a quality ICT integrator can be experienced at several levels;

In the Classrooms: – From Grade 1 to Grade 8, all classrooms are fitted with Multimedia enabled environment constituted of full-time internet, state of the art projectors, networked computers complete with sub-woofer sound systems and whiteboards/projection screens. These installations have transformed the classroom ecosystem from the old teacher/student interaction to teacher, student, videos, music, sounds, pictures and a wide range of multimedia streaming online.

ICT Labs:- With two ICT labs in place, serving both the KG and Primary respectively learners have the opportunity to access hand on interaction with computers, cameras, and other devices. We have a one child one computer ratio for optimal use. With lessons tailored for preparing learners to live in the increasingly ICT aware society and to face the challenges that stem from it, it not an overstatement to say that we literally explore the world from the screen.

CCTV Surveillance: – At our school the safety of the learner is a paramount and continuous endeavour. Around the clock the institution is monitored with several CCTV cameras that are strategically placed to ensure that the learner is monitored in real time.
Full-time Internet: – A renowned internet service provider provides our school with a reliable fulltime internet access. Internet is available in classrooms, labs, and offices. The staff with Wi-Fi enabled devices may access the internet availed via hotspots to stay abreast with the latest information in their respective areas thereby enriching their delivery content. 

We are deploying online applications such as Seesaw and Google Class to share these learning experiences with parents and guardians at home.

We anticipate to have learners give feedbacks of their home extension activities and collaborate with their teachers from the comfort of their homes. Learners are also able to share their various learning experiences on these online portfolios.

Our goal as a department is to ensure that learners are well equipped and ready to meet the increasing ICT challenges while enjoying the experience that come with this journey. Day by day, we are adapting to the terrain change in accordance to our school motto, ‘Always progressing’ to ensure that leaners have the best that a well-developed education system can avail.

Mathematics introduces children to concepts, skills and thinking strategies that are essential in everyday life and support learning across the curriculum. They learn to explore and explain their ideas using symbols, diagrams and spoken and written language.

We aim to encourage an enjoyment of the subject and the pleasure of studying Maths for Math’s sake. Mathematics provides skills needed in everyday life as well as being a vital component in practically every workplace. We aim to equip pupils with the necessary skills for the future. Good problem-solvers become good students.

Cocurricular activities are an essential part of school life and helps in enhancing learning process of students at school. Cocurricular activities are meant to bring social skills, intellectual skills, moral values, personality progress and character appeal in students.

These activities essentially takes place outside a typical pen and pencil classroom experience. It gives the students an opportunity to develop particular skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities. These activities might be compulsory, such as music, art or drama classes though we do have optional paid clubs  that take place during scheduled club activity days.

Our Science Department follows a philosophy of instilling in our children, greater curiosity and understanding of natural phenomena. Our aim is to enable children to ask and answer scientific questions by carrying out investigations, testing ideas experimentally, developing practical skills, and using collaborative approaches to solve problems.

Our special focus here at the academy is to teach methods of inquiry and investigation, and stimulate creative thought and critical reasoning. Children learn to ask scientific questions, leading to a deeper understanding of the importance of science in everyday life.

Linking Science with other subjects in the curriculum provides opportunities to reinforce and extend learning, both in Science and in the other subjects. It helps to apply and embed skills and knowledge in meaningful and purposeful contexts