At our school you will find a long established reputation for ensuring that children in our care enjoy the very best possible start. We provide opportunities to develop and succeed whilst enjoying a safe and happy learning environment nurturing a sense of social responsibility and respect.

It is our constant aim to bring out the best in our children and to provide a well-rounded experience for every child; developing a blend of creativity, confidence and courtesy, which will enable our young people to cope with the demands of life in the 21st century, wherever in the world they may live.

We encourage all students  to develop their individual talents to the full and to aspire to excellence in all they undertake; we strongly believe in a holistic approach to learning where an equal emphasis and weighting is placed on academics, music, sports, the arts, outdoor pursuits and drama.

We are very careful and deliberate in the proper delivery and implementation of the Competence Based Curriculum.
Our teaching and learning methodology is purely and entirely child centered.
Thematic teaching and learning being the major method being used in the section, where each Grade goes through learning using a different theme for every term.
We also use Jolly Phonics in the reading sessions which enable learners to be good readers at a very young stage.
Other learner centered methods being used in the classroom are for ;
Research based learning: learners are directed to do research on different learning areas encouraging and developing self-efficacy
Project work: this being a very relevant part of the new curriculum, all learners participate in project work.
Group discussions: learners work a lot in groups in both outdoor and indoor activities promoting unity, communication and collaboration.
I.C.T Integration; we use projectors in the classrooms during the learning process for I.CT integration.
All these methods ensure all learners’ needs are catered for.