Sports & Games

Sports have a significant impact on learners, organizations, and society. By making use of our well-developed and extensive playgrounds, we aim at encouraging a culture of sportsmanship on our students. The school’s physical education section is in place to offer learners with a diverse and balanced physical education curriculum. 

We offer the following sports disciplines :


Table Tennis

The primary goal of our athletic programs is to provide a curriculum that will assist learners in developing a positive mindset towards maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Besides, sport is essential in enhancing the student’s mental, physical, and social life.

At MM-MVShah academy, we offer a wide range of sporting activities that are held daily for all the students. The athletic programs provided include ball games such as soccer, volleyball, netball, basketball, and handball, racket games like long tennis, and badminton. We also teach our students’ table tennis, taekwondo, skating, cycling, and swimming.

Our school has excellent sporting facilities, which include well-developed fields, filed track, standard pools, and a hall for indoor games.  MM-MVShah Pupils enjoy a busy schedule every term, which encompasses numerous tournaments and matches. Through sports, our pupils learn the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and also have an in-depth understanding of each game that they are participating in.